Welcome to the maze.

There is no escape...

...but there is peace and quiet.

  • ESC hides/unhides cursor.
  • N generates a new maze.
  • F toggles fullscreen (or you can use that blue buttony thing in the bottom right corner).

In addition to the HTML5 version, you can also download this as a Windows screensaver (for um... preserving that CRT you probably no longer have) and a standalone .exe (for just setting to run on a screen for some eye-candy).


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Windows Screensaver 10 MB
Windows Standalone 10 MB


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This is pretty cool, not much use to me though (having a Linux machine with an LCD screen), but it's cool nonetheless.


The standalone executable runs fairly well under Wine. I get screen tearing, idk if that's a side-effect of it running in Wine or not, but it's pretty and saves the screen so 5/5.